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by L. Brook Paquette, partner The Code Crew
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I was introduced to YPO in 1994 as a vendor of graphic design and print management services producing printed member directories. Before long I was handling this task for several YPO chapters in the southwest region. I became very familiar with the organization; the variety of events, the differences in how chapters conduct business, understanding the vital importance of confidentiality.

In 2009 I was having a discussion with a long-time chapter administrator who was lamenting the high cost and inaccuracies of the printed directory. At the very same time we had a Eureka moment – an online environment would be a far better solution, “after all this is the 21st century!” Having partnered with Linda and David Brown in a recently formed web development group, The Code Crew, the timing was perfect.

The Code Crew enthusiastically took on the task of creating a local, chapter-based solution to the outdated printed directory. After many months of meetings, wireframing, designing, programming, tweaking, and debugging – with significant input from a very experienced administrator – ChapterPRO® proprietary software was born.

A kind and generous member suggested that other YPO chapters would be interested in using a chapter-based tool tailor made for them, and encouraged us to market ChapterPRO as an SaaS (software as a service) to YPO & YPO Gold chapters. I contacted my print directory chapters and asked for our customers to pass on our information to other chapters.

By March of 2013 there were eight chapters using ChapterPRO. V3 (Version 3) followed our goal to make the members experience RSVP’ing to events and keeping current on chapter specifics user-friendly and the admins job efficient and easy. Encouraged by the positive feedback from administrators and members, we were confident offering ChapterPRO to more YPO & YPO Gold chapters, the niche market it’s specifically designed for. But how?

The answer, add top notch sales and marketing partner Greg Paquette (yup, that’s my husband). Greg’s everlasting optimism, inexhaustible determination and solid integrity were the perfect fit for the task. Boy did we make the right choice. ChapterPRO sales have increased 350% and the tremendously favorable response has been gratifying. It’s our motivation to keep improving ChapterPRO, based on the needs requested by chapter admins and members, and continue to offer ChapterPRO exclusively to YPO & YPO Gold chapters.

To our customers
It’s been an exhilarating ride working with all of you. Our success is a direct result of your support, and for that we are grateful. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.
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