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ChapterPRO Features

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MEMBERS can quickly and easily:
    Website and Mobile Web App
  • view past, present and future events
  • RSVP to upcoming events without logging in to site
  • pay event user-pay fees by credit card
  • receive RSVP confirmation email
  • view current list of event attendees
  • search member directory
  • view member profiles, click to email
  • read chapter news and announcements
  • view chapter officers, forums
  • view chapter information & policies
  • view chapter marketplace items
  • click to view event photo galleries
  • view and click on sponsor banner ads
  • Website
  • keep profile info current
  • update profile photos
  • view or print member roster
  • export member roster to CSV file & upload
    to address book
  • add events to personal calendar
  • view onsite videos
ADMINISTRATORS can quickly and easily:
  • create & edit events
    • enter a multitude of customized event criteria
    • specify user-pay info and fees per invitee
    • upload event artwork
  • view, print & export event reports
  • interact with event reports
  • RSVP for members, spouses
  • create & edit member profiles
  • send email to members through ChapterPRO
    • create event email reminders in a few clicks
    • choose groups or individual email addresses
    • attach Word, PDF, Excel docs to email
  • post chapter/member news items
    • create pop up announcements
  • maintain chapter officers & forum lists
  • generate site activity reports
  • post chapter marketplace items
  • view members last website and mobile login date/time
  • link photo albums and videos to site gallery and event pages
ChapterPRO is personalized for your chapter.
  • incorporate chapter education theme into site design
  • include policies & procedures web pages
  • set chapter permissions for variety of features
  • customize member profile page including types of members
  • share events between YPO & YPO Gold chapters
  • automate event cancellation policies

ChapterPRO Roadmap

In addition to continual tweaks, fixes, and upgrades to ChapterPRO, the following are requested features by YPO & YPO Gold members and administrators:
2015-2016 Chapter Year
  • event integration with YPO Exchange    DONE
  • event attributes (type, audience and focus)    DONE
  • new easy to read email format
  • RSVP confirmation email upgrade    DONE
  • wait list for events with limited attendance
  • traffic reports for desktop, mobile and public sites    DONE
  • board meeting editor and calendar
  • prospective member manager
  • event evaluation/survey tool
  • master attendance report
  • admin text to members
  • spouse DOB and company info added to profile    DONE
  • member position and company type added to profile    DONE
  • set the order of News items
  • add to calendar on mobile
  • event name badges
  • attach files to event details
  • email generator upgrade
  • news editor upgrade
  • print directory, complete profiles in 1 and 2-up format    DONE
  • print roster formatting upgrade    DONE
  • editor for uploading event sponsor ads    DONE
  • and more...

2014-2015 Chapter Year
  • YPO & YPO Gold data security / third party website / software compliant    DONE
  • mobile app V2 - new features
    • chapter leadership    DONE
    • forum groups    DONE
    • chapter news    DONE
    • chapter policies & information     DONE
    • pay with credit card    DONE
    • news item pop up alert    DONE
    • customized app icon    DONE
    • customized mobile access instructions    DONE
  • dual photos on member profile    DONE
  • photo gallery integration    DONE
  • expand member profile data in export file   DONE
  • marketing site for chapter prospects  DONE
  • login interface upgrade  DONE
  • events upgrades and new features
    • kids only events    DONE
    • add "do not display Who's Attending list" option    DONE
    • Who's Attending list formatting upgrade    DONE
    • marketplace    DONE
    • delete event function    DONE
    • RSVP confirmation email to admins options expanded    DONE
    • event report export to Excel formatting upgrade    DONE
    • email event invitation/reminder - rsvp link with login bypass    DONE
    • RSVP confirmation email sends to customized recipient    DONE
  • bulletin board optional    DONE
  • chapter officer titles preloaded to chapter officers editor and member profile offices held    DONE
  • rotating education year sponsor ads increase from 5 to 10 sponsor banners    DONE
  • website activity report expanded to include mobile login    DONE
  • previous/next navigation for offline event    DONE
  • customizable activities titles in member profile    DONE
  • back end site management program phase 1 (faster responses to customer service requests!)    DONE
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